Small groups

Sunday lunch group

Get together for lunch after church whenever we can

Baby Friendly Group

The Baby Friendly group, otherwise known as the “Wah, wah, wah, Thank God it’s Friday” coffee tea or milky morning meets meets on Friday mornings, at Chaponost around 9 to 11am (flexible time as babies require). Chaponost is 20 minutes drive from Lyon and accessible by TCL bus 11 or 12 from Perrache or from the Gare d’Oullins metro station. We welcome suggestions for Christian parenting books, and would love to hear from mums who have survived young childhood and early teens, who are welcomed to come and share with us one Friday, please let us know! We are also open to share and exchange baby clothes and related material, and survival tips. And finally, it’s a baby friendly group but all are welcomed, with or without babies, we tend to talk about them but they’re not all we’re interested in! Please contact Kae at or 06 28 04 09 77

Reading Group

Our reading group meets once a month and enjoys stimulating discussion of a wide range of literature. To get the most out of our meetings, it is preferable (though not essential!!) to have read the book in question.

Meetings are held on Wednesday evenings at 19:45 at:
Le Bistro des Filles
9, rue du GARET – 69001 – LYON
Tel. 04 78 27 29 14

Ladies’ Fellowship

The Ladies Group welcomes all women who are available on Tuesday afternoons for a time of
encouragement, study, and prayer. We meet at the church building in Gerland from 14h-16h. Our meeting schedule follows the school calendar with breaks during school holidays.

Men’s fellowship

The Men’s Group meets once a week for a brew and study and regularly for projects, pints, praying, pizza, pool and pioneering. Check out our specific website for dates and locations.

Worship Group Fellowship

The Worship Group Fellowship meets periodically on a Friday or Saturday evening.

The group consists of members, or potential members, of the worship group which leads the music and worship part of the Sunday morning church service. The group aims to study and meditate on God’s word together, to grow together as a group, to support, pray for and encourage one another in fellowship and, through praise and prayer, to learn how to worship God better. Although we take the opportunity to learn new songs, these meetings are intended to be more than practice sessions.

Anyone wishing to become a member of the Worship Group and willing to participate on a regular basis is welcome to contact us to discuss how they might contribute.

French conversation group

For those who feel they need a place to practice their French, as opposed to formal lessons in a language school, there is the opportunity to meet in a small group on Wednesday mornings between 9.15 and 11 in a café near Place Bellecour, for French conversation in a light-hearted atmosphere. There are two groups, one for beginners and one for more advanced learners. 

For more information about any of these actvities, please  do not hesitate to contact us