Friday News (5th June)

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Hello church friends and family, welcome to this weeks edition of ‘Friday News’.
The alert among you will say, ‘but Ben, it is not Friday’ and you are right!! The reason for this early message is that we have a number of elements to ask you ahead of Sunday, which is TRINITY Sunday!

1) We are looking for some helpers!
– would you be able to illustrate two words on some card and say them and hold them up for the camera as part of our reading? All will be made clear if you answer ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’ and contact Lisa –

– would you/your family like to do some action moves to a song. Record them and add them into our action song video for church? Lisa has done a video (here- ). Can you record yourself doing the moves and send it through to Lisa at the same address –

Deadline = Friday afternoon so that we can edit it and use it our worship on Sunday!

2) I’d appreciate your feedback on how you FEEL about going back to church in Bron. I’m not looking for reasons, statistics or even rationale but I am interested in taking the temperature about how you feel about going back?’ What do you feel are some of the pros and cons, positives and negatives?

The usual details about supplies, giving and connecting to Zoom are below.

Every blessing and see you on Sunday,

Peace in Him,

Ben and the Trinity Team.

سلام دوستان و خانواده کلیسا ، به این نسخه هفتگی “اخبار جمعه” خوش آمدید. هشدار در بین شما خواهد گفت ، “اما بن ، جمعه نیست” و حق با شماست! دلیل این پیام اولیه این است که ما تعدادی از عناصر را داریم که می خواهیم پیش از روز یکشنبه که TRINITY یکشنبه است از شما بپرسیم!

1) ما به دنبال برخی یاران هستیم!
– آیا می توانید دو کلمه را روی بعضی از کارتها نشان دهید و آنها را بگویید و بخشی از خواندن ما را برای دوربین نگه دارید؟ اگر به “بله” یا “شاید” پاسخ دهید و با لیزا تماس بگیرید – همه روشن خواهد شد.

– آیا شما / خانواده تان دوست دارید برخی از اقدامات اکشن را برای یک آهنگ انجام دهید. آنها را ضبط کرده و آنها را در ویدیوی آهنگ اکشن ما برای کلیسا اضافه کنید؟ لیزا ویدیویی انجام داده است (اینجا- آیا می توانید خود را در حین حرکت ضبط کنید و از طریق همان آدرس به لیزا ارسال کنید –

مهلت = بعدازظهر جمعه تا بتوانیم آن را ویرایش کرده و از عبادت خود در روز یکشنبه استفاده کنیم!

2) من از بازخورد شما در مورد چگونگی احساس بازگشت به کلیسا در برون قدردانی می کنم. من به دنبال دلایل ، آماری یا حتی منطقی نیستم ، اما من علاقه دارم که درجه حرارت راجع به اینکه احساس بازگشت از بازگشت می کنید را بررسی کنم؟ »به نظر شما برخی از جوانب مثبت و منفی ، مثبت و منفی چیست؟

جزئیات معمول در مورد لوازم ، دادن و اتصال به زوم در زیر آمده است.

هر نعمت و یکشنبه تو را می بینم ،

صلح در او ،

بن و تیم ترینیتی.

How are your supplies?
This will be week 13 of lockdown services and we are aware that we haven’t been able to use the simple table. If you, or anyone you are aware of, is getting short of supplies and not sure how to ‘resupply’ please, please let me/us know. The church council is eager to help anyone who needs some extra supplies at the moment and is ready to help out with discretion and practicality! Don’t go without unnecessarily. Email me at

Join your Voice!
A big thanks to Roy Carpenter for launching this great idea…. If you go to the following link ( ) you can see and hear a recording of ‘Be Thou My Vision’ along with the lyrics. Have a few practices at singing along with the music playing through some earphones. When you are ready to give it a go, keep your earphones on and record yourself singing along to the video. You should end up with a recording of just your voice (without the music). Send it through to Roy (or me) and Roy can layer up the sounds so that we could end up with a whole choir……. go on!! Be brave!!! It’ll be brill!!

Continued support
A huge thank you to all of you who are continuing to give and support the ministry here in Lyon. Please continue to do so either directly here by clicking the Donate button on the right, or for those of you in the UK, via the ICS giving page here: