How we serve

Solidarités anglicanes

Solidarités Anglicanes exists to offer financial support to individuals and families in need, whether members of the church or not, as well as to charitable organizations. This association, which complies fully with French tax laws, allows our community to contribute to these individuals and charities. It also oversees and organizes the finances for the LAC Counselling Service.

Solidarités Anglicanes has signed the Charte de l’Association Catholique pour l’Accueil et l’Accompagnement des Migrants (ACLAAM), making us part of a cooperative network that focuses on welcoming and helping asylum seekers.

Members of LAC have been actively involved in charitable work over the years. Through their work and experiences, Solidarités Anglicanes has come to know some wonderful charitable organizations. It has been privileged to financially assist and desires to continue this assistance to the charities described below. Through Solidarités Anglicanes, the church gives financial assistance to:

  • l’Armée du Salut, working tirelessly to help the most needy families and individuals here in our own city.
  • Mercy Ships.The medical professionals aboard a state-of-the-art hospital ship offer free and basic healthcare, transformative surgeries, and health-care training to communities in West Africa who lack these critical services. Julien and Kae Trouilloud, a French IT specialist and a Malaysian pharmacist respectively, from the congregation, have worked on Mercy Ships off the coast of Africa.
  • Called to Care, in Mutare, Zimbabwe. This church-based ministry takes people from a place of hopelessness to a place of hope by communicating the love of God in ways that are practical and dignifying. They provide many creative training programs and activities to the people in their care in order to help them gain financial independence.
  • Tearfund works around the globe through local churches to bring justice and to relieve material and spiritual poverty. They are passionate about helping local churches transform the lives of people in their communities.

Where does the money come from?

  • Social events (meals, talks, games, quizzes and more)
  • Cake, book and craft sales
  • Contributions from the counselling service
  • Donations and membership fees

Donating to Solidarités Anglicanes

If you would like to help SA continue its support of people in our community and the charities, a suggested donation of 20 euros is appreciated. Or let us know if you would like to make a specific donation to an individual or to one of the charities. French cheques must be made out to Solidarités Anglicanes.

Direct transfer of funds from your bank account can be done using these bank account details:

Code banque – 30002
Code Guichet – 01084
Numéro de Compte – 0000098856M
Clé RIB – 60
Domiciliation – CL CALUIRE P. BRUNIER
Intitulé du Compte –
IBAN – : FR12 3000 2010 8400 0009 8856 M60

Counselling Service

The church-based counselling service offers professional counselling in English and in French to people within and outwith the church community. The trained counsellors wish to offer hope, help, and an opportunity for self-development through acceptance, support, guidance, and a listening ear. (LACCS does not charge a fee for its services but does ask for a donation of 30 euros/session in order to cover the real costs of the service. Solidarités Anglicanes oversees the financial aspects of LACCS.)

Currently the counsellor is:

  • Linda Lemon
    Masters in Rehabilitation Counselling, Virginia Commonwealth University USA

For more information or for an appointment, call 06 77 25 84 21