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After a couple of years in Bron, in December 2020, we officially moved the location of our Sunday morning services to the Eglise Protestane Unie’s Espace Bancel in the 7th arrondissement. This page gives you information on how to get there, for the day when we are once again able to meet in person. In the meantime, please join us on Zoom. Our main virtual gatherings are listed on the home page.

The address is: 50, rue Bancel, 69007 Lyon. See the Espace Bancel page on the Grand Temple website.

The nearest metro station is Jean Macé (B line), and the T2 tram stops very close by (Centre Berthelot – Science Po Lyon). Full information is available from the TCL.

Our services are based on the liturgy of the Church of England, but include a fair degree of informality and a mixture of different music styles. Our aim is that people from all traditions can feel able to worship God together. This obviously asks for a bit of give and take from everyone, but the experience is enriching.