Small groups

Home groups

  • Weekday morning prayer – 0930 (all Zoom details here).
  • Tuesday 14h-17h – Ladies’ Group – Contact Brigitte
  • Tuesday 20h00-21h30 – Online Group – Contact Christine
  • Thursday 12h30 (Church Zoom Link) Men’s BibleStudy, just join in gents…
  • Thursday 14.00-15.30 Bible study on the life of Jacob – contact Lesley
  • Thursday 18h00 student/young professional group – contact Anna
  • Thursday 20-2130 South Lyon Group contact Jane Dominici
  • Friday evenings 19 :30 -21.00 Bible study on The Samaritan Woman; From Loss to Salvation – contact Lesley

TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday!) Baby Friendly Group

This group has evolved from the Young Mothers’ Group which began in 2004. It started as an informal gathering ‘in-town’ to support parents of very young babies who could not attend other groups available at the time due to transport limitations, and who needed a baby-friendly environment.

The past year it has been continuing on Zoom and Whatsapp, and we look forward to the day when we can share chocolate, cake, tea, coffee in person again! International life in our church means a high turnover (and babies grow and parents return to work), so we encourage you to jump straight in; please let us know if you are interested! We aim to support one another in the weird and wonderful life of parenting, walking faith together.

We meet on Friday mornings (9:30-11:30-ish, flexible as babies require!), excluding school holidays.

Ladies’ Group

The Ladies Group welcomes all women who are available on Tuesday afternoons from 14:00 to 17:00 for a time of encouragement, study, and prayer. Our meeting schedule follows the school calendar with breaks during school holidays.

Men of Lyon

This men’s group meets once a week for bible study, and regularly for projects, pints, praying, pizza, pool and pioneering.

Check out our specific website for dates and locations: