Young people


Kingdom Seekers – For children aged 0 to 18 meeting on a Sunday IMG_2056
morning during the service

Kingdom Seekers meets during the Sunday morning church service, every week except the first
Sunday in the month, which is Family Service. The children remain with their parents in the chapel for the first part joining their groups then rejoin us for the end of the service and Holy Communion.

At Kingdom Seekers, we

Enjoy the Kingdom (Fellowship)IMG_4041

Teach the Kingdom (Discipleship)

Honour the Kingdom (Worship)

Share the Kingdom (Evangelism)

and Be the Kingdom (Service).


There are a variety of groups of different ages…

DISCOVERERS (Crèche to Petite section – babies to 3 yrs))IMG_1591

EXPLORERS– (Moyenne section – CE1 – 4 to 7yrs)

ADVENTURERS – (CE2 – 6E – 8 to 11yrs )

PIONEERS – (5E – TERMINALE – 12 to 18 yrs)

KINGDOM UNITED – Adventurers and Pioneers join together once a month for craft/science or sport following a short time of teaching or testimony.  It is a fun way to connect with each other and with God in a new way.

This year’s Kingdom United Sundays are:
September 17th            February 18th
     October 15th                  March 18th
November 19th                     April 15th
 December 17th                      May 20th
      January 21st                      June 17th

For further information please contact us