Our second chat with Rev. Ben Harding … (2020/11/17)



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In Part Two of our discussion, Ben Harding describes his visit with an Iranian refugee in prison in Denmark.


By Armand Castellon, a member of Trinity Church Lyon 

Lord, many have been able to go and visit new places, to spend time with their loved ones, to enjoy the slow pace of summery days. We thank You for the opportunity to get refreshed. Some are getting ready to go back to school, work; some might be worried about what is to come. We bring those concerns to You; settle and comfort our worries.

Malta is a tiny island in the middle of the sea with the deep blue colour of the water, the brightness of the limestone constructions and the dryness of the countryside under the scorching sun. Nature is fragile. Make us good stewards of Your creation.

On the streets in Malta you walk past people of all nations – both tourists and immigrants. May  You protect those who were forced out of their homes and bring peace to this world.

Paul arrived in Malta because a storm led to a shipwreck and he lived in a cave for three months from where he spread Your gospel. Make us strong enough to bear witness to Your message of salvation in all circumstances.

Paul encouraged the sailors in the storm and fed them bread in Your name. May Your church bring comfort to those who are scared and frightened, to those who are weakened by hunger and strife.

As he arrived, Paul helped prepare a fire and got attacked by a snake. He was unscathed. Protect our minds and bodies from disease, ailments  and torments.

Above the bay in Valletta stands St Paul’s Anglican pro-cathedral not far from St John’s Catholic co-cathedral. Bring closer the members of Your church whatever the tradition or the denomination.

The knights of St John have left a deep and lasting mark in Malta. Their first mission was to protect the poor pilgrims to the Holy Land. May this mission be ours and help us protect and fight for those in need on this earthly pilgrimage.

Paul mentioned, in an epistle, a thorn in his side. May we bear the challenges You send us. Give us the strength to go one step further to work at Your service.

You gave many talents and gifts to Your people. May we use them well according to Your will – but also give us to use them with humility for Your service. Let us bring a living sacrifice of thanksgiving.

The news is full of the pandemic. We remember those who died from it. We ask for Your protection on those who nurse the patients. We remember all those who have fallen asleep in death. May You raise them at the last day.